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Online Flows you think, they were integrated into the Oxynade platform before. Why the hustle? 

Well, the hustle is so worth it. The more intuitive and fast an online flow leads the ticket buyer towards the effective purchase, the bigger your ROI will be. The happier the customer will be thanks to a positive experience that even excelled his or her expectations.

Register now & learn all about an amazingly intuitive UX & UI integrated into our Online Flows.

We are all spoiled with all things intuitive surrounding us. So much though that we don't even notice it. So what do we notice? Something not intuitive at all or insufficient, and it disturbs and annoys us. We literally expect things to work and preferably as smooth and visual pleasing as possible. 


The goal was to eliminate the pains the industry faces like error handling that could possibly terminate a sale and result in a lost customer due to his or her frustration. Our focus was to make the entire online purchase experience as intuitive, flowing and hunky-dory as possible for the potential ticket buyer. And we don't stop there, of course, we want all involved parties to be satisfied with the online purchase aka the organizer, venue, museum and ticketing agency. 


  • How we were able to eliminate the pain points of the industry and elevate online flows to the next level at the same time

  • The layout as a catalyst for closing a purchase

  • Mobile-first: the ease of use was the primary focus of the new online flow

  • New features and quality of life changes

  • Location location, you know the saying, therefor the Google maps widget was integrated

  • And last but not lease a glimpse into the future features


November 28th at 10:00 am CET

This webinar will take about 30 minutes and will include a Q& A session with our UX | UI expert Kristof.


Everyone who wants to discover more about online flows and its possibilities. If you want to know more about the technical side of this topic, please check our dev space or book a personal demo.

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