As the world was shaken by the pandemic, we were a rock in the surf. Our approach to making ticketing more sustainable and flexible was proven right.

This allowed us to support the ticketing industry with an Aid Package. Following our last initiative, our focus now goes out on how to resume or start your activities in these times.


With governments lifting restrictions for venues, events and museums - yes, the return of the social life has finally arrived - the Oxynade by SecuTix platform is providing you with all the tools you need to (re)start your business and to grow in the future.

This webinar covers:

  • How the use of TimeSlots will allow you to (re)open your venue, institution, or host your event.

  • How to use TimeSlots in the webshop and box-office.

  • How to maximize revenue despite social distancing restrictions.

  • How to get the most out of the TimeSlot reporting.

The webinar host is Yannick Van de Voorde and our CTO Brenden Cambier hosts the Q&A session afterwards.



We are looking forward to e-meeting you!