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 Aka the tool to unlock your full ticketing potential!

Ever wondered how you can unlock the next level of your Ticketing Business to boost your & your customer's growth to unknown heights?

Well, we do have the key to unlock these heights for you. Without any hustle but results that want to make you jump off your seat! 

What you'll learn: ​
  • How to unlock your full ticketing potential with a power tool.

  • How a seating plan creator can entail a user-friend graphical user interface that allows an event organiser and a channel administrator to craft the layout in a seamless, quick, and convenient way at the same time.

  • How this tool also supports layers, which is excellent to keep a good overview of different floors, and it is possible to define a focal point for automatic seat assignment with our 'best available seating' (BAS) algorithm.

Webinar details: 

  • The webinar will take about 15 minutes to watch.

  • You download it straight away (icon in the right-down corner) or just after watching it for the first time online.

  • This is a recording of a life webinar and now available on-demand! Powerful knowledge right within your reach! ​​

Want to know to get your Webinar host Yannick better or connect with him? 

Just take a peek at his LinkedIn profile. He's looking forward to connecting with you.

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