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At one point or another, it is essential to think about Season Cards. What? Why? When? Do you believe no not for me? Make sure to read on, and you will change your mind as this is an opportunity you should consider. However, maybe you are already looking for a suitable solution that will take your current headache about this matter away and lift your business to unknown heights and give the space to create great experiences for the fan.


The essence of Season Cards and our how-to guide. Download now to get ahead of the game.

What will the webinar be about:

  • That no sports-oriented technology is needed as it is embedded into one platform.

  • How new verticals and additional markets will open up for you and your customer's business.

  • How suitable our solution is for all kinds of sports like football, basketball, volleyball et cetera.

  • That Season Cards can be used easily in different league levels, from premier league clubs to local divisions.

  • How Season Cards are a fantastic opportunity to benefit from recurring seasonal business.

  • A recap on how to use Season Cards functionality to give you a head start.

Webinar details:

This webinar will take about 30 minutes.  

  • You download it straight away (icon in the right-down corner) or just after watching it for the first time online.

  • This is a recording of a life webinar and now available on-demand! Powerful knowledge right within your reach!


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