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By now, you probably heard the news: SecuTix acquired Oxynade in early 2020. We are thrilled about this merger and so is the ticketing industry. 

We received tons of questions about future developments, what's up for the 2020 roadmap, which breathtaking synergies this next chapter holds for SaaS Ticketing and many more.

We will cover all the crucial topics during our upcoming webinar, and we will also dive into the specifics of the eTaaS platform. A platform that will empower your business's growth by freeing it from current constraints and elevate it into the digital future.


Pre-Register now & learn all about the ticketing merger of the year & the incredible possibilities.


  • A shared vision led to the SaaS Ticketing merger of the year: the Swiss-based Ticketing Engagement Platform SecuTix acquired Oxynade

  • Two companies, driven by innovation, focused on digital transformation and are always a step ahead of the trends that will impact the future of ticketing

  • How a NextGen SaaS Solution eliminates the pain points of the ticketing industry and elevates contemporary integrations: eTaaS

  • The developments that can be expected

  • A sneak-preview of where to meet us next: we got a few exciting events lined up and one in particular - you want to be part of it!

  • And last but not least: the 2020 roadmap


March 24th at 10:00 am CET

This webinar will take about 30 minutes and your host will be Yannick, our Business Development Director.

The Q&A session at the end will be hosted by our Managing Director Hans Nissens.


Ticketing Agencies, Organizers, Venues, Museums, Arenas, ...

Everyone who is considering a SaaS Ticketing Solution and is looking for a NextGen & futureproof solution. A solution that will enable your business's growth while eliminating the usual hurdles.


If you want to know more about the purely technical aspects, please check our dev space or book a personal demo.

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