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To support the ticketing industry's recovery and in response to the continuing COVID-19 crisis, you can now apply to use the Oxynade by SecuTix Platform for free!

Are you an established ticketing company that wants a sustainable, state of the art ticketing platform that enables you to resume your activities after COVID-19? Or are you a ticketing professional who wants to start your own ticketing business, but without the costs and the risks a start-up usually entails? Then you are eligible for the free use of our sustainable ticketing platform.


You can apply until the end of December, neither strings nor obligations ached. A once in a lifetime chance. Start your sustainable ticketing future today!

“The free use of the platform until next year will allow you to benefit right now from cutting-edge ticketing technology adapted to meet today’s challenges. In the last few weeks alone, we’ve introduced a time slot entry feature and added chessboard seating management in response to the current industry needs.
Ticketing will be heavily impacted for a long time, and we will work with you to build a more sustainable future for your ticketing business.”

Hans Nissens

Managing Director Oxynade by SecuTix


Are you an established ticketing company or are you a ticketing professional who wants to start your own ticketing business?


Then you are eligible to apply for the free use of our sustainable ticketing platform! Find below the FAQs and conditions that apply to this one-off offer:


If I’m selected for this aid action, is the Oxynade by SecuTix really free to use till April 2021?

Yes, within a fair use policy, you can use the solution for free during the indicated period, there are no monthly licensing costs, no ticket (or other) fees will be charged.

There is a single sign-on fee of 1.999€ to cover the onboarding and setup related costs.


In return, the beneficiary will sign a multi-year contract with Oxynade by SecuTix.

Who can benefit from this aid action?

Both established ticketing companies who want to use a state of the art ticketing platform and ticketing professionals who want to start their own ticketing business without the costs and the risks a start-up usually entails.

Does this aid action also apply to SecuTix 360°?

No, this aid action is solely related to the Oxynade by SecuTix SaaS platform.

How can I apply for this aid action?

You can apply right here by submitting the form on the right. By submitting the form you can express your interest.

How long is this aid action valid?

You can apply until the end of December 2020. The period of free use remains however unchanged.

How and when will I know if I’m selected to participate?

Oxynade by SecuTix will decide independently about the acceptance of every single submission.


Acceptance will be communicated by email.

Disclaimer: This 'Aid Action' is exclusively applicable to the SecuTix BV product 'Oxynade by SecuTix' and valid until 30/06/2020. SecuTix BV has the right to change the terms of the Aid Action at any time, unrestricted, and without having to disclose the reasons therefore. SecuTix BV has the right to reject applications and applicants without having to disclose the motivation. The companies and legal persons that apply for the 'Aid Action' have no legal basis for claiming admission to this promotional offer nor the right to demand insight into the decision-making process.


-no obligation-

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