Are you an established ticketing company or are you a ticketing professional who wants to start your own ticketing business?


Then you are eligible to apply for the free use of our sustainable ticketing platform! 


This webinar will cover:

  • How to (re)start your ticketing business.

  • How to build build a sustainable future.

  • How to engage with the audience after the lockdown.

  • How to use the Oxynade by SecuTix platform to respond to health regulations in order to reopen your venue or institution and to host events.

  • The conditions that apply to the Aid Action.

The webinar host is Yannick Van de Voorde and our Managing Director Hans Nissens hosted the Q&A session. Feel free to send us your questions any time by email.

We are looking forward to connecting and work on a sustainable ticketing future together!

Disclaimer: This 'Aid Action' is exclusively applicable to the SecuTix BV product 'Oxynade by SecuTix' and valid until 30/06/2020. SecuTix BV has the right to change the terms of the Aid Action at any time, unrestricted, and without having to disclose the reasons therefore. SecuTix BV has the right to reject applications and applicants without having to disclose the motivation. The companies and legal persons that apply for the 'Aid Action' have no legal basis for claiming admission to this promotional offer nor the right to demand insight into the decision-making process.