Oxynade is an eTicketing specialist in Ghent. Every day we revolutionise the world of e-ticketing with our 'e-ticketing as a service' platform (eTaaS).

We offer an all-round ticketing system that is based on the current top-notch technologies such as GraphQL, Node JS and React. Including a fully equipped back-office, box office and specialised features, like a FMS, the platform can cover the needs of a broad range of verticals. This allows our partners in the ticketing sector to grow their business and reach possibilities that were out of scope before.

Having a white label solution within our core, where we customise our solution and make it a part of our clients own brand, turned out to be a real hit. With new players like artists, music promotors and even tour operators getting involved in ticketing, white label is just the way to go. All of those partnerships are based on the same Oxynade technology, focused on local ticketing needs and are targeting other/multiple segments.

Our team keeps expanding, so feel free to shoot us your CV and the reason why you think you would be an asset to our team and how you would boost our worldwide growth.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Sounds like your cup of tea?

You create intuitive web applications, think on scaling our solutions for 100 000 customers and maintain architectural efficiency with an eye on the future. You overcome these complex challenges and grow together with the team.

All of this combined with a healthy dose of work & play to become a real ninja. As martial arts experts avoid wasted motion; good programmers avoid unnecessary work.



No matter what your position will be, you want to find the holy grail.


You're always on the lookout for the small but important details that will make a difference.


Hurdles don't scare you. You think analytical yet creative to solve any issue.


Communicate with your colleagues and learn from each other.


Depending on the position, a mind that can relate to technology is a plus but not a must.


  • Mother tongue Dutch. Strong knowledge of English.


  • You know that the internet is more than cat videos, dashcam fails and illegal music. But, more important: you can use it to learn and evolve your skills!


  • Communication. 



A position in the beautiful and creative Ghent. Our offices in Dok Noord have cool neighbours. You can swing by one of the various shops or the Delhaize in the afternoon.

All we can to support your professional growth. We also offer you a competitive salary with extras.

Open, driven and enthusiastic colleagues who are there for each other. PS4, retro PS1, pool table and darts for during breaks.

Opportunity to work from home and at irregular times.

The opportunity to work in a motivating environment. We support A+ clients in Belgium as well as in the rest of the world.