Expert Interview: US ticketing pricing and the effect on Europe

In our new segment, The Insider Interview Series, the world’s leading experts of the ticketing business will share their vision and insights of the industry with you in an interview with our CEO Hans Nissens.

The expert today is Fred Maglione. Fred is an accomplished executive with over 45 years of experience working with various organisations in the live sports and entertainment industry. He is the former Executive Chairman of TopTix USA, Former CEO of New Era Tickets and has held management positions in a number of other businesses that focused on live sports and entertainment. He is currently the CEO of The Maglione Group. Fred specialises in management, fundraising, domestic and international business development, technology evaluation, product positioning, and all areas of primary and secondary ticketing. It speaks for itself that he is a skilled executive, strategist and advisor.

Hello Fred, it is a pleasure to meet again and we welcome you to our Interview Series. We are very much looking forward to your expertise on the ticketing pricing in the US and how this is effecting the pricing in Europe.

Hello Hans, the pleasure is mine and I am looking forward to elaborate on the US pricing and its effects on the European ticketing market.

Q: Within the industry it is a known fact that the commercial pricing structures in the US are quite different from those in (continental) Europe. Could you outline the major differences for us?