How Oxynade’s eTaaS Solution helps to restore a healthy work-life balance

This is a guide for all in the ticketing business who are looking to restore their work-life balance.

If you are part of the rare breed that never experiences the 'work' feeling, you might want to read on, and realise how lucky you are, and still learn a thing or two on how to improve your business. But for all of you who lead a more stressful life, please sit back, relax, take a deep breath, grab a dink, and enjoy this article.

Have you ever asked yourself how it is possible that some people seem to work round the clock, in a successful and efficient manner? There are different possible explanations, but the most important one is that they truly enjoy what they are doing. They say no when they disagree. They say yes to new ventures that challenge existing rules. They dare to speak their minds, and remain true to themselves. Due to this state of mind almost all the things they do become more enjoyable. It also leaves them with more energy than people who are bored, ending up with all their energy being dissipated by futilities. And they can then refocus that extra energy to make a difference for their business. They also have sufficient time left to spend with family and friends, without constantly being on-call to address the next company emergency.

How can a SaaS solution help you restore a healthy work-life balance, and eventually be more successful, and even a happier person?

  • Adopting our Oxynade eTicket-as-a-service (eTaaS) platform will shift the focus of your ticket businesses from mundane DevOps to an innovative product development.

  • The eTaaS features will enable your business to increase the number of organised events, and therefore the revenue of ticket sales.

  • Our cutting edge technology will facilitate integrations within existing systems super-fast, with easy-to-deploy add-ons, and at the same time remaining user-friendly. If you are looking for a primary system and not just add-ons, the choice is yours.

Remember also this: choosing a SaaS solution is a decision of Buy vs. Build. Surely it is possible to build your own ticketing solution. The cost and time to do this can be estimated, but are often underestimated. However, most people forget to consider the SLAs. If you’ve built your own solution, who will ensure that there is no downtime, even at peak ticket sales? Who will monitor the systems, check all the parameters, and intervene whenever necessary? It is estimated that ensuring enterprise SLAs cost 2-5 times more – per year – than the built costs, simply because you need to have redundant staff available 24/7/365, and invest in additional monitoring tools and equipment. Choosing for an eTaaS solution will entail the SLA for you, giving you an incredible peace of mind that will eventually restore your own work-life balance.

We are here for you and looking forward to connect. Feel free to shoot us an email or schedule a call to ask us all you want to know.

So enjoy your next family holiday, without being called by the office all the time to handle an incident!

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