What the ticketing industry can learn from airline companies

In our segment, The Insider Interview Series, the world’s leading experts of the ticketing business will share their vision and insights of the industry with you.

The expert of today’s interview is Andrew Thomas. If you don’t know Andrew already due to his extensive expertise and consulting work around the world with arts, sports and entertainment organisations, to leverage technology for greater financial gain and/or customer engagement, this interview is your chance to get to know more about his insights. He is also the Director of the Ticketing Professionals Conference in the UK and serves on the Board of Directors of the International Ticketing Association.

Hans Nissens sat down with Andrew Thomas to find out what the ticketing business can learn from airline companies. Yes! From the airline companies, you are reading right. The results are not what you would expect at first and offer some very valuable insights you better make sure to absorb.

Hi Andrew! It is a pleasure to welcome you as an expert to our Interview Series. We are very much looking forward to hear more about your idea that we in the ticketing business should be more like airlines.

Hi Hans, it is great to meet again and I would like to thank you and Oxynade for the opportunity to argue my case. Hopefully we will meet again later this year during one of my other presentations across North America, Australia as well as Europe’s