How to set up a content schedule when you are doing it all alone - Free Template

Are you the entire marketing team? It isn't easy to handle the complete cycle: inventing campaigns, creating content, distributing it all and tracking the statistics and leads. When you read other marketing tips, you quickly realise that they are relying on marketing teams where the tasks are divided. You are, being one human with a 24 hour day just like everybody else, are just not able to post 3 updates a day across several channels or create 30 content pieces like video's, white papers, quizzes or blog posts a year and analyse all the statistics just by yourself. No reason to panic, we are providing you with some very valuable insights and how-to’s to declutter your mind and increase your efficiency with our Content Schedule Template.

When you have so much on your plate and you are constantly thinking about everything you should be doing, you will have the tendency to do it all at once and in the end, you haven't done anything properly. Stop right here. Take a step back, breathe. Do whatever clears your mind from all the clutter and mess. It might even take a day or two and you might even have to lock yourself away to eliminate all the noise that is trying to invade your thoughts. Then you make a plan. Take your time. It is absolutely normal for this process to take time. Good things demand the time and your solely brain needs to process where others have an entire team to cope with. Once you are getting the feeling of the plan coming together well, look at the design of your plan and set up a structure that gives you the means to execute your work as efficient as possible. Later in the process this will give you the much needed time your brain needs for the creative creation of content and developing well thought-out campaigns.

Make your brain spin aka brainstorm like a creative mastermind

Start the process by making a general list of content that is relevant and on which you should focus. Then flip the switch to creativity. Write down everything, and I really do mean everything, no matter how utterly crazy or over the top it might seem at first. Then start evaluating your ideas, categorise, evaluate. It can be everything from blog post topics, campaign ideas, quiz approaches or event concepts. Focus on your content first. It will use up most of your time and it's the base for your whole plan.