Cost reduction by self-service: the numbers

Offering a self-service solution, meaning that your organisers and internal staff can manage the whole ticketing sales process from A till Z in an intuitive and self-explanable tool, is the only way to go forward. Not convinced? Check the 5 reasons why self-service is the future of (online) ticketing. But wait, there is one major advantage we should explain some more: A self-service solution can seriously reduce your costs!

Like in many other things, there are various flavours of self-service ticketing, depending on the completeness, UX/UI design and strategy. It's important to point out that, to make a decent calculation, we've started from a complete and natively designed self-service solution like our eTaaS platform.

We have taken the time and have done the investment, together with a specialised UX/UI designer, to do this entire exercise.

This has resulted in our new back-office. Take a look to discover it yourself.

Here is an overview of the cost reduction advantages of a self-service tool:

  • A 40% reduction of your support tickets/tasks The number of support ticket from organizers is reduced drastically because the organiser does most things himself when using the self-service ticketing platform. Your staff only needs to assist in complex cases or when that specific organiser has paid for a full-service treatment. You can reduce 40% of your support tickets/interaction (based internal cost calculations).

  • A 10% efficiency improvement of your internal staff Since your internal staff uses the same self-service platform for a part of their work, their tasks are also more efficiently executed. You can reduce 10% of the time spent on internal ticket sales management tasks (based internal cost calculations).No more expensive mistakes.

  • No more expensive mistak