5 reasons why self-service is the future of (online) ticketing

Service expectations from organizers keep growing. Long gone is the time when people accepted their questions to be answered in a few days and were used to having to contact their vendor in order to request assistance . On the contrary, nowadays, help needs to be timely, friendly and efficient. There is a strong aversion to waiting, needing to have multiple touch-points or having to repeat the same information more than once.

The only way forward is self service, and here is why:

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People want to help themselves:

Consumers expect a company to include a self-service application and 75%* agree self service is a convenient way to get help. People are more and more tech-savvy and want their vendors to embrace technology as well. Who are we to go against the will of the people?

Service more customers with the same resources:

Obviously, if more of your customers can help themselves, you'll have more time to help those who can't or won't.

Spent your time advising your customers rather than training them: