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5 reasons why self-service is the future of (online) ticketing

Service expectations from organizers keep growing. Long gone is the time when people accepted their questions to be answered in a few days and were used to having to contact their vendor in order to request assistance . On the contrary, nowadays, help needs to be timely, friendly and efficient. There is a strong aversion to waiting, needing to have multiple touch-points or having to repeat the same information more than once.

The only way forward is self service, and here is why:

People want to help themselves:

Consumers expect a company to include a self-service application and 75%* agree self service is a convenient way to get help. People are more and more tech-savvy and want their vendors to embrace technology as well. Who are we to go against the will of the people?

Service more customers with the same resources:

Obviously, if more of your customers can help themselves, you'll have more time to help those who can't or won't.

Spent your time advising your customers rather than training them:

Because you don't need to invest as much time in helping and explaining your technology, you can now spend time helping your customer where you can really make a difference. Give advice on best practices, share experiences and assist in getting the most out of the technology. In the end, this will result in better business for your customers, hence for you as well.

Monetize conciërge service:

Reorienting your customers to self-service doesn't mean you should ignore the ever shrinking group of people who need or want personal assistance. This might even be an opportunity to monetize this as an additional service. In the end, self-service is a valid and free alternative and customers accept they need to pay for someone doing their job.

Put the focus on the purpose and not on the technology:

Just like our 'water and electricity technology' is perceived as a commodity, your technology itself should never be at the center of your conversations. It should just work and be self-explanatory. Combine this with self-service and technology should not be relevant anymore. This means you can now talk about common goals, the why behind a feature (request) and discuss the way your product should evolve. Build a solutions your market needs instead of something you think they need.

These are just a couple of reasons why eTaaS is the future for ticketing.

Building your UX/UI optimised technology or using our technology that's already UX/UI compliant, will allow you to put your new offering in the market, learn more on how to now develop your new marketing strategy and make it work.

*according to studies from Nuance enterprises, ISS in collaboration with Steven Van Belleghem.

This blogpost is written by our Customer Success Manager, Nicolas Van Geluwe.

Photo: unsplash

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