5 steps to reach self-service UX heaven

There's been a shift in using technology recently, users are increasingly opting for self-service applications. Customers want more control over their interactions with your business and the more you can put them in the driver’s seat, the happier they’ll be.

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So you've decided to add a 'self-service' offering to your current solution, allowing your customers to manage their ticket business from scratch to 'on sale'. Now the fun begins, how will you do that? One of your options is (re-)building your current technology. That can be quite a challenge: you're working with diverse user profiles, each with their own focus and goals. To envision and create an intuitive and rich application that will result in higher conversion rates, you'll need a decent plan of approach. That's why we collected the 5 necessary steps to reach the self-service UX heaven your users dream of.

Step 1: User research

You can never effectively create self-service products for users unless you understand your customers. "How does a user think & behave?" and "What are the main drivers that motivate them?", are some of the questions that that should cross your mind.