5 marketing steps to make your DIY offering work

Offering an ultra-intuitive self-service ticketing tool is an easy way to increase business without the need for huge investments. We all know ticketing is about volume and efficiency so why not adding or upselling a vertical in which a UX and UI optimized technology can really make the difference: DIY ticketing.

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So, a new vertical, that sounds interesting! But with the groundwork done, it's time to focus on how you will find the right clients for your redefined offering.

Here are the basic steps to develop your new marketing strategy:

  1. Get to know your target group A new vertical means new client types. While you have established a name for yourself in your current business, it's unlikely this will be enough to deliver your message in another target group. The DIY customer will need more of a B2C approach than a B2B method. So take your time to get to know your audience. You'll probably have to start all over again. First, define who you're focusing on. One handy way to do that is by creating 'buyer persona'. They are fictional, generalized representations of your ideal customers. Each of them gets a name (eg Ticketing Tony), title (Festival coördinator) and typical, defining characteristics (small organisation). In your overview, you specify their whole image (background, communication preference, goals and challenges,.. By forcing yourself to write down all these specifics, you'll discover where your blind spots are. If you don't know which challenges they are facing, for example, you'll have to do research to find out. In the end, you'll be able to sculpture a different marketing message for each persona, you'll know how to find them and how to bring your words across.

  2. Work on your online presence When you don't have a good website, you simply don't exist. The first thing people do when they hear of something new or when they are looking for a certain solution is checking the internet. You need to make sure they'll find a dedicated landing page focussed on your new offering. Use different ways to explain your business. Some