8 Sales tips your ticketing company can't survive without

In the crowded world of ticketing agencies, it can be a struggle to close the deal with new customers. Having a background as a ticketing agency as well, we're happy to share our insights and tips that we have gathered over the years.

  1. Know the event organiser Of course, this is quite basic, but sometimes we don't take the time to really do our research. Yes, your prospect will be happy to share with you their background and how they've evolved. But you'll make a much better first impression if you already know all about them. So, don't just check their website but also subscribe to their newsletter and updates. If you read they're going through major changes, it might be the perfect opportunity to call them up again. For the same reason, you should check their blog. We can guarantee they'll be impressed and glad someone took the time to check it all.

  2. Pick the best time As you well know, the weeks leading to their biggest event are crazy. Of course, they won't be interested in changing their ticketing partner then. What you can do, is call them a month or 2 upfront, just wishing them good luck and that you hope everything goes very well. You can check when they'll be thinking of the next edition and if you might call them then. Don't call them in the weeks following the event neither, they'll be detoxing. Give them the time to do a proper evaluation.