Missed our eTaaS Summit? Catch up

On Tuesday the 25th and Wednesday the 26th of September 2018 Oxynade hosted the first eTicketing as a Service (eTaaS) event in Europe.

The goal was to give the attendees an inspirational experience and let them meet international like-minded ticketing individuals.

There were 14 nationalities represented, 8 interesting topics covered and 45 attendees joined together.

In other words, a successful event.

Unfortunately, you might not have been able to join us. No worries, here is a small recap:

  1. Oxynade is shifting its focus onto eTicketing as a Service. Having years of experience in a 'typical' ticketing agency ourselves, we experienced growing technological ticketing needs and challenges. We spotted the opportunity that many ticketing competitors/ colleagues are lacking good software for their business and struggled to develop new software in-house. This while we had developed a hyper-flexible, ultra scalable and extremely interactive SaaS platform. Being an innovative company, we have decided to evolve to a 100% SaaS company targeting the large group of Ticketing agencies and distributors worldwide (with an initial focus on Europe).

  2. Howler offers more than ticketing by focussing on cashless payments One of the ways to increase your revenue is to check other opportunities in the event revenue. These can be insurance, sponsorship, merchandise and food and drinks. Based on your current, positive relationship with the organiser, you can try to get involved in these areas. Howler started with specialising in cashless solutions. Of course, this means your approach towards your current and new customers has to be balanced out. The current clients (promotors) might have different needs and expectations than the new ones (vendors and othe