The 6 favourits of Rob from Ticketcounter

Rob Willemsen is the founder and director of Ticketcounter for more than 13 years. He'll be the presenter of the session "The secrets of a successful strategy change revealed: Conquer new segments with your technology".

Ticketcounter is offers ticketing for big and smaller organisations. They have a broad range of efficient solutions. Online sales, cash registers integrations, action management, ticket kiosks, dynamic pricing, scanning, BI tools, A/B testing, capacity planning, it can all be managed to optimise your ticket sale and access control.

A top-speaker we're looking forward to. To give you a first insight into his mind, we've presented him some questions:

What's your favourite event?

My son of 13, Vic, is a drummer in a band and of course, I always support him when he has a performance. In addition, I’ve got a very wide interest in music, but when I go out, I like to visit pop and rock concerts.

Who's or what is your favourite ticketing inspiration? Blog/person/company/...

We get inspired by our clients and prospects. One of the key questions we