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The 6 favourits of Tim Chambers

Tim Chambers, is a mentor, advisor and consultant with over 30 years' direct experience within the international ticketing and live entertainment sectors, that will handle all the questions in our session "Ask the business professional: 10 answers to your questions about ticketing".

Tim is a senior executive for a number of Start-Up’s and Public Companies. He has personally directed UK and Pan-European M&A corporate growth initiatives including 'organic' sales development, strategic aggregation, operational consolidation, identification of cost-savings & synergies, and initiated numerous corporate expansion initiatives throughout his career.

Another top-speaker we're looking forward to. To give you a first insight into his mind, we've presented him some questions:

What's your favourite event?

I love watching a newly discovered band that's just learning to perform in a small venue with a cold beer in my hand.

Who's or what is your favourite ticketing inspiration? Blog/person/company/...

The innovators: those that question the common paths and those that deliver new ideas.

What's your favourite Oxynade feature?

Your API, it offers fully flexible integrations with external tools/portals/devices.

What's your favourite Phantasialand attraction?

Yet to experience …

What's your favourite superhero?

Nina Simone / Ms. Marvel / Katharine Hepburn / Pussy Riot / Elektra: Assassin

If you would like to know your 'inner-ticketing superhero', take the superhero test right now.

Do you want to see Tim in real life? Join our eTaaS Summit and follow his session on how to win big in the industry.

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