The 6 favourits of Tim Chambers

Tim Chambers, is a mentor, advisor and consultant with over 30 years' direct experience within the international ticketing and live entertainment sectors, that will handle all the questions in our session "Ask the business professional: 10 answers to your questions about ticketing".

Tim is a senior executive for a number of Start-Up’s and Public Companies. He has personally directed UK and Pan-European M&A corporate growth initiatives including 'organic' sales development, strategic aggregation, operational consolidation, identification of cost-savings & synergies, and initiated numerous corporate expansion initiatives throughout his career.

Another top-speaker we're looking forward to. To give you a first insight into his mind, we've presented him some questions:

What's your favourite event?

I love watching a newly discovered band that's just learning to perform in a small venue with a cold beer in my hand.

Who's or what is your favourite ticketing inspiration? Blog/person/company/...

The innovators: those that question the common paths and those that deliver new ideas.

What's your favourite Oxynade feature?

Your API, it offers fully flexible integrations with external tools/portals/devices.