The 6 favourits of Shai from Howler

Shai Evian, CEO of Howler, is one of our speakers for the session "How to win big in the ticketing industry: Increase your revenue by integrating event technologies".

With Howler, based in South Africa, every moment matters. They have an event management software and are specialised in cashless payments. With Howler access they focus on ticket handling, event promotion and distribution and access control. Howler loaded on the other hand, is fully organised around cashless transactions, vendor management and financial control.

This is one top-speaker we're looking forward to. To give you a first insight into his mind, we've presented him some questions:

What's your favourite event?

I love interactive and unique events like In Bloom festival or Burning Man. The atmosphere is amazing and you're a part of the whole event thanks to the level of participation. They put so many thought into the details that they've created their own new world. You get to step out of the reality and will never face a dull moment. What appeals to me the most is the art influence. It's much more than just the music.