Top ticketing conventions you really should attend

To keep up with the fast-changing ticketing world you need to keep track of what's going on. One of the ways to do that is attending a conference or showcase

But the question remains, where should you go? We've made a list of the top conventions and showcase you should attend to keep up to speed.

First of all, there is our own Summit of course:

The eTaaS Summit

The eTicketing as a Service Summit, that in September 2018 was hosted in the wonderful Phantasialand, is focussed on ticketing inspiration and interaction. We created an exclusive line up of business specialists, covering a broad arrangement of topics from "How to win a tender", over "how to increase your revenue by integrating event technologies" to "The secrets of a successful strategy change revealed".

Contact us if you want us to keep you up to date about our next edition.