GoLive 07/2018

You can now:

Let your customers pay with Mollie

Mollie is a Dutch payment provider, specialised in innovative payment products. By adding Mollie to our list of payment providers, next to Adyen and Paypal, you can offer your client a broad range of payment solutions.

Even more data fields available for Google Tag Manager

We've added the possibility to extend your Google Tag manager data with your event ID, distribution ID, payment method ID, distribution ID and purchase ID. These can now be used in every function, allowing you to keep track of your sales and expand your analyses.

Enjoy our new outgoing emails

As another extra white label feature, we've created new emails of which the colours will be correlated to your channel settings. To be more specific, these emails are updated:

  • Your tickets for order ...

  • Your proof of payment for purchase...

  • Your payment instruction for purchase...