How to sell your solution to the big players

You probably have a couple of really charming and interesting smaller or middle-sized clients. That's great of course, well done already. But just dream a little bigger and think of a deal with a much larger (international) partner. What would that be like?

Well, sometimes if you try hard enough and you're patient, you can strike a deal like that. We'll tell you how.

Large organisations have divisions all over the world. Often these suborganisers are very independent. They follow the overall guidelines but take up their own partnerships and suppliers. This way they can close their own deals and agreements. This decentralised system, however, might not be in the best interest of the overall organisation.

To strike a deal with a major player, you have to clarify the advantages:

  1. More volume, interesting prices Having the ticket sales centralised will enlarge the volume massively. The higher the number of tickets, the lower the fee per ticket.

  2. More consistency By creating a unified way of working, a higher standard is preserved. This will enlarge the brand quality and general appearance.

  3. More data Having only one database is, in this world of data gathering and insights, a major advantage. By analysing the visitor's behaviour, preferences and habits, valuable knowledge can be gathered.

  4. More value for the ticket buyers No matter for which event they will buy tickets, everyone will follow the same purchase flow. This creates a reliable consistency that ticket buyers appreciate. It will enhance the feeling of being a part of a bigger 'fan family' which ties them stronger to the organisation.

To offer an interesting deal, your platform has to comply with some of the special necessities that come along with being an international big organisation: