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4 tips on finding new clients in a crowded ticketing market

"The ticketing market is already very crowded."

That's an understatement you've probably heard more than once before.

Nevertheless, you can find some interesting opportunities when you just know where to look and if you can build up the courage and patience to win them over.

So where to find new client potential?

We'll give you 4 valuable hints that can give you a head start.

Work with specialised distributors or agents

Being a ticketing specialist gets you in contact with a broad range of experts. But to connect with local, smaller organisations can be a real challenge.

That's where partnering up with a local or specialised distributor/agent can be an answer. They often know these organisers personally and have a deeper knowledge of their challenges and aspirations. The local theatre group that puts on a play 2 times a year probably doesn't even have a CEO. But with all the family, friends and acquaintances that each member invites, they might sell quite the amount of tickets each year.

Aim for the big shots

Often a huge, worldwide organisation works with different local organisers. With each of the locals having his own tools, including a ticketing solution, there's a lack of consistency.

Centralising the complete technology would benefit everyone: The organisation can make a great deal at an even better price. The fans have a clear customer journey on how to buy tickets, regardless of where the event itself is hosted. The marketing department will get new insights in the global data of ticket buyers and can use automated marketing to increase sales.

This sales track will cost you a lot of investment and patience. But you know, once you have this master deal, you're on for one hell of a ride.

Find the young and the new ones

If the large organisations aren’t your cup of tea, you can also focus on the other end of the spectrum.

Young and brand new organisers are popping up on a daily basis. Not all of them are successful but every one of them can use some guiding and advise. By profiling yourself as a supporting, local, approachable partner you can stand out.

They know all about the music, art, sport or whatever their event is all about but nothing about ticketing, seating, access solutions and hardware providers. Be the light that guides their way and they'll be eternally grateful.

More than just tickets

This brings us to another tip: don't just offer tickets. Sell enriched ticketing.

Search for great partners that you can connect with. By offering the entire combined 360° solution through partnerships you can avoid the pitfall of trying to do it all yourself, and unless you have a team of 50 people, inevitably failing at delivering quality. Instead offer a package with POS tools, cashless payment technologies, marketing platforms, staffing and the above-mentioned access and hardware providers.

This will create an irresistible deal that organisations who just want to focus on the event are dying for. On top of this, the commercial partnership with those related technologies should work both ways, every party involved should bring leads to the table.

Next, on your to do list? Find a solution that can keep up with their specialised requirements. We can certainly assist you with that, just contact us and we'll be happy to share all our insights.

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