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GoLive 01/2018

You can now:

See the full price including fees at the beginning of the purchase proces

New European regulation has defined that buyers have to be to be clearly informed about the total price, including all taxes and additional charges. This information should be mentioned in the beginning of the purchase flow. Traders in the EU are also not allowed to charge extra for using a credit or debit card.

Check the seat plan before booking the tickets in your box office Helping your ticket buyer to pick a certain seat gets easier in this updated box office. You can get a quick view of the available seats before choosing a ticket type. This way, you know which ticket type to select for the desired seat.

Fight agains ticket fraud

  • Define a maximum amount of tickets per ticket buyer By avoiding a purchase of f.i. 50 tickets by one buyer only, you can make sure these tickets will not be distributed illegally on the secondary market. We've expanded this functionality by limiting the amount of tickets per user account, regardless the amount of single purchases he has done.

  • Postpone the ticket delivery By sending out the tickets only a week f.i. before the actual event you can avoid selling fake copies. The ticket buyers will receive an email informing them of the later arrival instead of getting the real ones right away after their purchase.

Advertise extra promotions with unique codes on your tickets Where we already had the feature to put unique external codes on specific ticket types we've now extended this functionality on event level. A great example would be to offer a free busticket with every sold ticket, using the individual promotion keys of your transportation partner

Check and manage scanning statuses in your box office

Scanning information has been added to our box office. You can check and change the ticket scan status, put the tickets on a blacklist, or reissue them.

And also: enjoy a huge improvement in our Price Mapper and seat plan performance

Do you want to know how to use one of these new features, but you're not sure how to do that, please don't hesitate to contact us.

This update will automatically be applied on the platform, you don't have to take any actions.

Are there any new features or change requests you're thinking of? Let us know and we might take it up in our future updates.

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