What will 2018 bring in the ticketing sector- trends spotted

White label for the win

Ticketing is everywhere. New players are getting involved such as artist agencies, music promotors and even tour operators. Because ticketing isn't their core activity they need an experienced and user-friendly platform.

So they'll come across two options. They can get a partnership with an established ticketing solution and use their name and reputation for the ticket purchase. Downside to this is that they loose control: the ticket buyers will go and perhaps stay on their website. Even more, their valuable data will be in the hands of the ticketing partner and their brand awareness is gone.

The other option is that they use a white label ticketing solution. By blending in the entire ticket buying process, the ticket buyer (and his data) will never leave their website. With the generated info artists, promotors and other actors can get new insights to their audience and find better ways to interact.

By going 'white label' the door opens for up selling and cross selling opportunities. Adding ticketing to the activity mix can enhance experiences. When a traveling agency doesn't only sell hotel rooms and travel arrangements but even for example festival tickets they will create a unique and attractive deal.

Focus on the core strenghts