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The ticketing sector is always evolving and so are we

Less than a year ago we've launched eTaaS: eTicketing as a Service for our international clients. Today, we have already 10 signed international ticketing agencies.

With eTaaS we focus on ticketing professionals who need their own 100% white label ticketing platform. Our statement "your brand, our technology" summarises it all. We customise our solution to make it a part of our clients own brand.

After these international successes the need arised to rebrand our overall look and feel.

A new icon, new logo, new colors

The new logo is split into 2 objects, a logo mark and a logo type.

The logo mark is a typographical play on the combination of the first 3 letter of Oxynade, “Oxy”. The “X” is served both as the actual “X” and “Y”, surrounded by the “O”.

Our logotype is a simple rounded font whereby the “nade” will always have a more neutral color as opposed to the “oxy”, which will be coloured in a primary color. This combination makes for a very versatile logo that can be used in a wide range of use cases.

For the new branding colours of Oxynade we've chosen the dynamic and playfull tones of the primary colours blue, green, yellow, red and black because we work in an energetic and vivid sector.

By picking these colors we wanted to stand out whereas our solution stands out as well. In the IT business the use of colour is often rather dark. Having more than one colour represents the diversity in our solution: an international white label approach for different verticals.

New website

To feel the whole look, check out the rest of our website. Let us know what you think of it.

Much more to come

We're not done yet. Our entire interface will undergo a complete facelift focussed on the latest user intuition know-how. We've already tested our prototype with a select group of clients and they were enthusiastic. The main focus of this improvement is to increase the ease of use of our platform, since we have a lot of features.

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