The ticketing sector is always evolving and so are we

Less than a year ago we've launched eTaaS: eTicketing as a Service for our international clients. Today, we have already 10 signed international ticketing agencies.

With eTaaS we focus on ticketing professionals who need their own 100% white label ticketing platform. Our statement "your brand, our technology" summarises it all. We customise our solution to make it a part of our clients own brand.

After these international successes the need arised to rebrand our overall look and feel.

A new icon, new logo, new colors

The new logo is split into 2 objects, a logo mark and a logo type.

The logo mark is a typographical play on the combination of the first 3 letter of Oxynade, “Oxy”. The “X” is served both as the actual “X” and “Y”, surrounded by the “O”.

Our logotype is a simple rounded font whereby the “nade” will always have a more neutral color as opposed to the “oxy”, which will be coloured in a primary color. This combination makes for a very versatile logo that can be used in a wide range of use cases.