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A White Paper by Hans Nissens after conducting the first global SaaS survey.

This White Paper gives a detailed yet compact overview of the valuable SaaS advantages within the live event aka ticketing industry.

Statistics show that the SaaS business is proliferating at a rate of 69% per year. The revenue in 2020 will already be 132 billion dollars.


However, does this trend also resonates in the ticketing business? Moreover, if so, what's the impact?

The Global SaaS index in the ticketing industry is solely 40%, while SaaS is an answer to the challenges and hurdles that ticketing companies are facing.

An Enterprise SaaS ticketing Platform is the solution. Where a regular SaaS ticketing platform can help organizers and smaller venues, Enterprise SaaS focuses on larger ticketing organizations like ticketing agencies, big venues or major event organizers.

It adds many additional functionalities, build for their specific needs.

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