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The New Back Office

First, enjoy the video that shows the power of the new back office. Following the video below, you will find the specifications in detail.

If you should have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime

Demo_backoffice_cover image_play.png


Invite your colleagues or operators! The team section allows you to create an account for other members of the team and give them access to the organisation.

Organiser registration

The holding company will now be required if a new organisation registers in the new back office.

Custom barcodes

You can upload custom barcodes on the event and ticket type level.

External codes

You can upload external codes on the event and ticket type level. External codes can be shown on the ticket layout. These could be promotion codes as a marketing deal for a new and upcoming event or e.g., a gift voucher coupon.

Payment methods

Add your own payment methods, which can be used in the box office distributions.
If you want to learn all about it, we are hosting a live webinar on October 24 @ 10 am CEST. You are welcome to register and learn all about our Payment Solution Provider and open API integration. We are looking forward to e-meet you!

Delivery methods

Add your own delivery methods, which can be used in multiple distributions.


Payment methods and delivery methods are part of an additional navigation level and fees. These methods can be edited in the admin module.

Promotion codes

You are now able to upload a .csv file instead of adding codes manually one by one.

Seat plan creator

Some zones within a seat map are irrelevant for a ticket buyer. A new checkbox makes sure you can now hide these zones in the online ticket-purchase flow.

Furthermore, you can mark a zone as GA (general admission). The online-purchase flow will automatically apply BAS if this box is checked for this zone.

Ticket type

You can easily edit sessions belonging to a ticket type to determine how many times a barcode can be scanned at the event.

A scan-warning can be added as well and will be shown on the validation tool. 

The ticket types can now be shown in the online-purchase flow in the order that you want them to be. 

Online Ticket Purchase-Flow

Online Ticket Purchase-Flow: e-mails

Mobile tickets will now be available in your client's ticket e-mails. Ticket buyers will be able to easily add the ticket to their mobile wallet.



Various reports and exports received an update/upgrade.

Our current scanning report is now extended to an attendee-detail report. Meaning that it contains significantly more information about each single ticket buyer.

The Box Office export contains significantly more information e.g. ticket creation timestamp, currency, organiser and total price.

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