As an early adapter of SaaS and developments like Blockchain and AI, we developed the first SaaS Ticketing Platform that is genuinely 100% white-labeled and API-centric. Our vision is clear. No compromising on the future and its potential. That is why the primary ticketing range was outsourced this November.


This enables us to move even more agile towards the next steps in the further and pioneering development of the Oxynade eTaaS Technology Hub. We couldn't be more thrilled about what lies ahead.

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Oxynade is one of 2019's ticketing technology innovators.

"New tech being used by ticketing firms is not only helping combat fraud but also means there can be a better understanding for who is attending events, this offers exciting opportunities to understand audiences better and provide better services and experiences as a result.”- James Drury, Editor

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Hans Nissens

Oxynade was nominated ain 2019 for The Ticketing Business Award for the Impact segment.

In collaboration with TBF Oxynade conducted a global SaaS Survey to establish a SaaS index. You can take the survey here if you want to know how you score.

The latest solution in the ticketing industry Enterprise SaaS was presented for the very first time by Oxynade Founder & CEO Hans Nissens. Learn more.