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An extremely intuitive user interface is priority #1.

Therefor we focus on a consistent design flow & straightforward navigation.

The entire self-service platform is 100% cloud and browser-based, no installations on-premise are required.

No matter where one should take a seat, a big venue, stadium, arena, opera, theatre, and whatever opportunity comes your way:

Scale up and create what you need.


We provide the ticketing power tool, future-proof. View Webinar.

The Seat Map Creator offers a hyper UX friendly navigation, color-coding, seat categorisation & stage pointer for a perfect overview even for the biggest of venues.

Our platform enables you to automate the marketing process & integrate your business’s footprint at the same time.

The Google Tag Manager implementation will support your overall performance.

You have the freedom to discover unknown heights offering upsell, additional items, special discounts.


Implement the 'If This Than That' logic and explore new revenue opportunities & customise the buying-processes.

Enjoy the API cloud-based freedom of flexible integrations with external tools|portals|devices.

Customise the user experience & secure the process for load protection.

Our platform delivers you the architecture for your future business without the worries of in-house development.

We make sure you can focus on your core business.

Selling tickets.

One platform, one solution, one way to your customer's success! Enable your customers to ever greater success every new season.

Our Season Cards Solution allows you to offer season subscriptions that grant access to a customer for a predefined set of events.


The customer will by default have the same seat and barcode for each event during the season.

Enjoy the full advantages of mobile & paperless tickets especially convenient for Season Cards.


AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Multiple availability groups & auto healing to increase uptime. Even better auto-scaling for unfailing performance.

Offering the option to host in different timezones, free of worries.

Back Office | Self-Service

A highly intuitive self-service back office without the hurdles having to figure out how to use and get the most out of it.

It will change your way of thinking!

Take a sneak peek.

Seat Map Creator

Full control of venue & seat map setup including capacities, BAS-algorithm, row, and seat number values, etc.

Timed admission

Set up capacity blocks by start time & entry window during which a timed ticket can be scanned.

Group sales

Capture the complete group & allocate predefined pricing conditions.

API cloud-based

API integrated flows compatible with external tools & technologies.

Mobile Back Office & reporting

Up-to-date wherever you are.

Promotions & discounts

Easily apply discounts, promotion codes, external codes, upsel items, add-ons, coupons, ticket type relations, etc.

Online & mobile

Offer ticket buyers the most user-friendly purchase experience on any device|platform.

Master- & subaccounts

Multiple levels with permissions & restrictions. 

Fast selling

Handling large amounts of requests.

Distributions & resellers

Sell tickets through unique shops under specific conditions such as delivery & payment methods, release times, et cetera.


Intuitive use of venue templates including address & other general info, seat maps, etc.

Measure & monetise

Complete sales, attendee, geo & scan reports maximising your ROI.

Integrated ticket-shop

Offer ticket buyers the most user-friendly purchase experience available.

Flexible fees

Rule-based external, hidden & internal fees including maximum & minimum limits, multiple levels et cetera.

Custom barcodes

Flexible import & export of own and/or external barcodes.

General admission

Efficiently sell tickets from a unified ticket inventory.

Box-office & kiosk

An all-in-one environment for ticket sales through box-office & tablet.

Flow Manager

Adaptable registration fields, and content translations.

Pixel Tracking & retargeting

Track & trace success rates of each individual channel & evaluate affiliates to keep improving.

Access control

Managing the total crowd flow over multiple access points.

Offering a mobile reporting tool that informs about the metrics that matter.

Reports to keep information available at your fingertips.

Knowledge is power & we want you to be on top of the game. Anytime. Anywhere.

Our Ticketing Platform is multi-lingual and multi-currency.

Enjoy the full advantages of mobile & paperless tickets.

In the meantime, we keep developing & implementing future ticketing trends to make sure you stay ahead of the game. 

Blockchain & AI are just a blink away.

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