Flow management system

Set up your own personalised customer journey​


Create unique purchase flows for each organiser or event. You can change the sequence or adjust the content and images to make it the way you want it to work and look.


Create your own event specific flow by managing our If This Than That rule engine. 

Decide the content and images of every step, even in a different language.

Make your purchase flows more attractive and intuïtive bij adopting them in relation to the sales channel.

Advanced A/B testing: Change not only the sequence of your puchase steps, but also the order of questions within each module as well as the layout of every flow. 


Adaptable buyer flows. Create your own customised buyer journey

Multilingual setups. Offer a personalised approach for every ticket buyer, in their own language.

Enables marketing automation 


We had to set up a custom flow to deal with our complex organisation: a combination of general admission, time admission and seating.


Thanks to the FMS we created a flow from our event list to either time slots or ticket types.

From there, our buyers are guided to promotion codes, best available seating, a complete seat plan or our register.

All of the steps are defined by sophisticated If This Than That rules.