Offering a mobile reporting tool that informs about the metrics that matter.

Personalised reports & ad hoc creation of views to keep information available at your fingertips.

Knowledge is power & we want you to be on top of the game. Anytime. Anywhere.


Our extensive reporting interface gives you insights into the complete ticket process. 

Filter your data:

  • Tickets sold per day

  • Ticket types

  • Scanning stats

  • Promotiecodes

  • Custom questions

  • Custom barcodes

  • Cash register

  • Time blocks

  • ... 

Let your customers measure the success of their ticket sales & take the right decisions based on metrics. Better insights will improve their events & increase the turnover for all parties involved.

Connect with other data scientist and BI tools through our cloud-based API system.


Fast & reliable data processed in intuitive, clean and personalised reports.

Ad hoc creation of views: In just a few clicks, you can combine data sources, add filters & drill down into specific information.

A top-notch Back Office with a dashboard that allows an instant overview.