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Oxyande is a eTicketing specialist in Ghent. Every day we revolutionize the world of e-ticketing with our 'e-ticketing as a service' platform (eTaaS).


We service arena's, venues, live entertainment and amusement parks with our innovative offering and state-of-the-art products. Booking a seat for a Queens of the Stone Age concert, paying a ticket for Phantasialand, picking up your tickets for Urbanus at your local theaters checkout corner or making sure you'll get access to an exclusive sale of Scotch and Soda. We do it all. 


World domination is still a long way ahead and there is always room for improvement. This is why we're looking for a cloud engineer to join our team.



Sounds like your cup of tea?

You configure and maintain our Continuous Deployment / Continuous Integration pipeline. With your razor-sharp mind, you monitor the performance of our application and implement improvements whenever you see fit.


As our application continues to grow, it’s your responsibility to help scale the cloud infrastructure and increase redundancy if deemed necessary.


In addition, you perform disaster recovery tests as well as log analysis and troubleshooting. Furthermore, you take part in an on-call standby rotation and help write and update documentation. 


A full time job in the beautiful and creative Ghent. Our offices in Dok Noord have cool neighbours. You can swing by the hairdresser or the Delhaize in the afternoon. 

All we can to support your professional growth. We also offer you a competitive salary with extra's.

Open, driven and enthusiastic colleagues who are there for each other. Once in a while we tell a joke.

The opportunity to work in a motivating environment. We support A+ clients in Belgium as well as in the rest of the world. 

The opportunity to shape the team dynamics and have an impact on our company


  • Linux administration skills

  • Database experience (MySQL, Redis, …)

  • Web server experience (Apache, Nginx, …)

  • CI/CD experience (CircleCI, Jenkins, …)

  • Scripting skills (JavaScript, …)

  • Cloud experience (AWS, …)

  • Container technologies (Docker, …)

  • Orchestration experience (Terraform, Puppet, Chef, …)

  • Monitoring experience (New Relic, …)

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