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Enable your customers to keep track of their visitors.


Let them connect to a range of different management

systems like our in-house iOS & Android scanning app, PDAs or the tool of their choice.


Use custom or predictable barcodes, QR codes or NFC/RFID tags to track visitors behaviour. 

With our reporting tool, your clients can check custom

statistics and insights.


Connect with any kind of access control tools like turnstiles, gates et cetera by using our cloud-based API.

Online scanning allows your clients to keep selling tickets even during the event because our event ID's are hashed in our barcodes and stored offline.

In case that offline scanning is applied, one can import or synchronise the data later into our platform.

If needed, you can validate the tickets manually or look up tickets through the app.

Get a real-time overview of all the visitors, even with multiple scanners.


Free scan app, developed for your self-service offering.

An easy-to-use & no training required app.

Super fast & reliable scanning.

Live stats via detailed reports & our overview dashboards.

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